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Create a favourable and attractive first impression with a News Services website is a part of the Rogers Digital group. We own and publish around 50 of our own websites plus a lot of business websites for our customers. We got started in building websites for our SEO and digital marketing client's because they had to have a landing page that made people think "wow".

It was a waste of money promoting a business that did not have a professional, responsive and informative website. It does not matter how good a business is at providing a product or service if viewers to the business' website were not impressed with what they saw and clicked away on landing.

We can get a simple but effective website online in less than 24 hours. We can then spend more time on it with content that we write supported by additional images, widgets, video or infographics.

Our web specialists spend a large amount of their time renovating and upgrading existing websites to today's standards.

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